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We are multi-national group of companies into Real Estate, Energy generation, Oil & Gas Exploration, Farming, General Import & Export and Project Financing for Government & Private Institution and many others. THE BRAKFIELDS GROUP represents the following companies: Italconstruct International, Brakfields Power Generation, Unicorn Infrastructure, Almonds Limited, Unique One Stop, Brakfields Energy, Raphael Spectrum, and Skyleap Capital.

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Italconstruct International

Real estate Development

Italconstruct International is a fast growing international real estate company that specialises in the construction of affordable but high quality housing units using its advanced building technology. Currently, the company has a presence in Ghana, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso and Cote D'Ivoire.

Italconstruct International balances safety cutting edge features and positive atmosphere for its discerning customers providing housing units with unmatched levels of customer service and attention. Italconstruct International combines a team approach based on proven experience with its associate developers with expertise in various fields.

The company is flexible, working with its clients in the fashion preferred by the client, be it on site, remotely, or a combination of both. The company has affiliations with top construction companies in Europe, China, South Africa and USA. The company has also established solid sources of project financing in Europe, South Africa, India, Canada and USA.

Our Vision

To provide affordable housing and rental services to our esteem clients using advanced building systems with the most satisfied clientele and fulfilled staff with the ultimate goal of contributing our quota to national development.

Our Focus

Italconstruct International focuses on the provision of high quality, affordable and comfortable housing. Our housing units offer state-of-the-art living conditions reflective of the rapid advancement in technology and a growing need for quality housing.

Our company is dedicated to a hassle free living environment in which our customers can enjoy all of the benefits of safe, attractive and inviting units.